2019 Super AI Leader Award (SAIL) Just Announced, Experts discuss the development of artificial intelligence in the future
2019-06-25 19:28

Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission  

On the afternoon of June 25, the SAIL Award, which is an important part of WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) this year, held a press conference to announce the award setting, expert judges, and award evaluation process. The SAIL Award will be officially announced at WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference) at the end of August this year. Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, Ding Huanhuan, member of the standing Committee of the Yangpu District Committee and deputy district chief, attended the conference and officially open the AI SPACE, which is dedicated to host and accelerate artificial intelligence startups.  

 Ding Huanhuan, member of the standing Committee of the Yangpu District Committee and deputy district chief  

At the same time, Shanghai Academician Center, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance, Shanghai Venture Capital Association, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Society, and Donghao Lansheng (Group), on behalf of the industry, university and research parties, co-initiate the SAIL cooperation with SAIL organizer to jointly build the SAIL brand. Altogether, those parties will further expand the influence and authority of the SAIL and promote the docking of the project.

According to reports, the Super AI Leader ward (SAIL) is advised by a committee of experts from academic, technical, industrial, and investment in the industry. The awards formed by the recommended projects and independent and fair evaluation are mainly to encourage the global scope to make directional breakthroughs in technology or applications, and to innovate the application model. Artificial intelligence projects are being set up or are about to change their future lives. This year's SAIL awards include (Superior) for Excellence, (Applicative) for Apps, (Innovative) for Innovation and (Leading) for the avant-garde, and form the annual SAIL list. Among them, the SAIL Excellence Award mainly rewards projects that have a high recognition and reputation in the field of artificial intelligence and has the significance of promoting human well-being; the SAIL Application Award mainly rewards artificial intelligence application projects that have large-scale social, economic and environmental benefits; and the SAIL Innovation Award mainly rewards projects that reach the world's leading level of innovation technology and new technology applications in the field of artificial intelligence. The SAIL avant-garde awards mainly reward projects that have groundbreaking and radiation-driven effects on the basic theory, methods, models and platforms of artificial intelligence.  

It is understood that in order to ensure the quality and authority of the evaluation projects, this year's SAIL Award recommendation and Evaluation expert lineup is strong, led by a number of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, bringing together the backbone of young and middle-aged scholars from well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, the technology leaders of leading enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence, and a number of partners of well-known investment institutions. At the expert seminar after the press conference, academician Zhang Xu, vice president of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jiang Changjun, president of Donghua University, Professor Xu Lei, chief scientist of the artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Professor Zhang Zheng, president of Amazon Shanghai artificial Intelligence Research Institute, held in-depth discussions on the latest technological breakthrough direction, industry application prospects and AI ecological layout.

And this year's SAIL Award selection activities will also be on the basis of high-end, professional, international, more prominent platform docking and landing, will be fully integrated into the city's artificial intelligence ecosystem construction. Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Commission, said in her speech that artificial intelligence has been identified as a priority development strategy for Shanghai, and that the municipal party committee and the municipal government have also clearly put forward the requirements for building artificial intelligence "Shanghai Heights," and put forward a "Shanghai plan" that can be replicated and popularized for the development of national artificial intelligence. In this process, optimizing and perfecting the development ecology of artificial intelligence is an important starting point. She said that the SAIL Award is not only an influential award created by WAIC(World Artificial Intelligence Conference), but also an important carrier for the integration of industry, university and research in the field of artificial intelligence in Shanghai, and for speeding up the formation of organic docking between excellent artificial intelligence research results and innovative products with Shanghai's application scenarios, financial resources and space carriers.  

According to reports, the AI SPACE, which was unveiled today, was set up to cater to the city's acceleration of artificial intelligence industry agglomeration, promote the landing of high-quality artificial intelligence projects, and integrate artificial intelligence professional service resources. In today's activities, five enterprises have signed agreements of intention to be hosted by AI SPACE. AI SPACE, artificial intelligence space station, is an artificial intelligence accelerator with the goal of "enabling AI to build artificial intelligence professional service platform" under the guidance of Shanghai Economic and Information Commission. Each AI SPACE intends to set up different industry themes to focus on industry and assist the development of artificial intelligence industry in various districts. It provides professional services for artificial intelligence entrepreneurial team, including office space, event recommendation, application scene docking, industry training database, upstream and downstream industrial resources matching, expert technology, investment and financing, tutor guidance, legal and financial consultation, talent training, government policy interpretation and project declaration, to help artificial intelligence enterprises break through and develop. At present, the first AI SPACE, with the support of Yangpu District Government, has been settled in Yangpu Pentagon.