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The World Artificial Intelligence Conference SAIL Award (Super AI Leader Award) stays committed to the concept of "pursuing excellence and leading the future". It selects and operates based on the principles of "high-end, internationalization, specialization, marketization and intelligence", and explores globally recognized and reputable projects in the field of AI which may enhance human well-being. 


SAIL Award, as a high-standard and international award in the field of AI, is mainly known for its "Superior", "Applicative", "Innovative" and "Leading" features. The name of SAIL Award contains the rich meaning of the Award-"S" means "Superior", which indicates the outstanding leadership of the Award in the industry. "A" means "Applicative", which highlights the high expectations placed on AI technology for economic and social applications; "I" means "Innovative", which suggests the theoretical and technical aspects of the project that the award calls for; "L" is "Leading", which shows that the award targets the most leading pioneer in the field of AI in the world. 

As the highest honour of the WAIC, the SAIL Award (Superior AI Leader) was established to recognize the outstanding AI projects that make technological breakthroughs, or application innovations in the field of AI worldwide, or projects that are shaping or will shape the future.


Leading experts, enterprises and institutions in the field of AI around the world will recommend candidates to participate in the SAIL Award competition. The final award will be selected by the Evaluation Committee in accordance with the principle of fairness. At the same time, the outstanding projects participating in the evaluation will be included in the annual SAIL Award List. 


Winners' Rights and Interests 

Highlight Moment 
√ WAIC Highest Honor Trophy and Certificate 
√ The award ceremony will be held at the WAIC.

√ The Award is displayed in the special exhibition hall of WAIC's official website all the year round. It is shown in the SAIL exhibition area of 2020 WAIC Online Exhibition Hall. 

Business Assistance

√ We will have in-depth exchanges with Shanghai's global AI ecosystem and give priority to participating in various cooperation activities held in Shanghai. 
√ Establish a linkage mechanism with Shanghai AI Expert Think Tank. 
√ Provide various domestic and foreign exchange opportunities for SAIL winners, and recommend SAIL Award and list items to international AI academic institutions. 

Media Coverage

√ Obtain full coverage and follow-up reports by omnimedia of the conference. 

√ Get the opportunity to participate in exclusive interviews and AI related programs recommended by the Organizing Committee of the Conference. 

The 2019 SAIL Award captured great attention from enterprises, experts and investors. Nearly 700 projects, including projects recommended by experts and the ones selected by the AI World Innovation Competition, participated in the SAIL Award competition, such as cutting-edge scientific research projects, innovative science and technology projects and influential application projects.


In terms of project sources, international and non-Shanghai projects accounted for nearly half of the total projects, among which international projects accounted for 10% of the total number of projects, coming from more than 10 countries such as Germany, the United States, Britain, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. 


2019 Winners: 


Excellence Award: Huawei HiSilicon KIRIN 980, 80-core 7nm Chip 


Applicative Award: Key Technology and System of iFlytek's New Generation Speech Translation 


Innovation Award: Galaxy Water Drop Long-distance Gait Recognition System and Application 


Pioneer Award: Alibaba's Intelligent Cognitive Computing Platform Based on Ultra-Large Graph Neural Network 

Presented by: 

Academician Zhang Yaping, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Academician Zhong Zhihua, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. 

In 2018, more than 130 projects participated in the SAIL Award selection, including Microsoft, Baidu, Tencent, iFlytek, Xiaomi, ICBC and other enterprises, as well as more influential projects of domestic and foreign academic and scientific research institutions. In terms of the types of projects, 31% of the projects were technical and 71% were applicative. From the perspective of coverage, the entries covered seven major fields, including health, transportation, service, manufacturing, retail, education and finance. At the same time, the top three of the four tracks in AIWIN competition, with a total of 12 projects, also participated in the SAIL Award as participating projects.

This SAIL Award Evaluation Committee was nominated by the Organizing Committee of the AI World Innovation Competition. It is composed of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, scholars from well-known universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, technology leaders of leading enterprises in the AI industry, and senior partners of mainstream investment institutions in AI. This year, a total of 46 authoritative experts participated in the recommendation and evaluation of SAIL Award projects, including 4 international experts, 19 scholars (including 9 academicians), 14 enterprise experts and 9 investment and media experts. 

2018 Winners:

Excellence Award: AI Innovation on Amazon AWS Cloud

Applicative Award: Smart Bank of The Future of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Innovation Award: Intelligent Portrait Platform of YITU  

Pioneer Award: Densely Connected Convolutional Neural Network 

Presented by:
Wu Qing, Vice Mayor of Shanghai, and Chen Zuoning, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Developer Day

Persistently looking at the frontier AI technology innovation and trending industry movement, developers are keen to discover the upcoming technology revolutions. The WAIC·Developer Day is a developer focused event presenting hottest technical and industrial topics in the field of AI. This global event brings together top-tier AI experts, tech gurus, representatives of well-known enterprises and more than 3,000 passionate developers to share insights and expertise on the frontier AI technology and development.

The WAIC·Developer Day consists of one main unit, four break-out sessions, and one Hackathon. The main unit will invite top-tier AI researchers, gurus and major contributor of mainstream machine learning frameworks, and rising stars in the artificial intelligence industry. Hackathon winners will be awarded at the main unit which will be treated as the closing ceremony of WAIC. Invited guests will share insights during the break-out sessions, with topics such as: open-source frameworks, NLP, AI+video, AI+AR, et. Covering the technical fundamentals, industry trends and code to solve real world problems together with the global AI developer community, the WAIC·Developer Day is aiming to present the most impressive artificial intelligence feast for developers to discover the most creative algorithms and ideas.


International Day
International Day

China, Shanghai, with its broad-mindedness, international vision and solid foundation, brings together forces from all walks of life in the field of artificial intelligence at home and abroad to promote industrial development and serve human life.


WAIC 2020 Global Day will establish a global interactive platform for artificial intelligence innovation projects and talent exchange,and shape Shanghai into a global artificial intelligence Agglomeration area and source for innovation and development by organizing global project pitchings, displaying global technological innovation achievements and AI application products, and providing international talent landing services.

2020 AI World Innovations

The World Artificial Intelligence Innovation Competition (AIWIN)is an important part of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference. It is led by the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, organized by the Shanghai artificial Intelligence Development Alliance and the Shanghai Economic and Information Development Research Center and operated by Shanghai Mani Intelligent Technology.

In 2020, AIWIN is closely working with Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance, to support the the needs of Shanghai artificial intelligence highland construction, mobilize artificial intelligence ecological resources, and further carry out artificial intelligence technology events and application events to create five bright spots:

Bright spot 1: encourage "science and technology to do good"

Bright spot 2: pay attention to AI Ecological Management

Bright spot 3: cultivate "Future leaders"

Bright spot 4: accelerate the landing of international innovation

Bright spot 5: linkage AI SPACE artificial Intelligence Space Station

In 2020, AIWIN will be officially launched on January 3, and the relevant tracks will be opened one after another. For registration, please log on to the official website of the Competition.


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