WAIC 2020

Artificial intelligence has become a core driving force for the new round of industrial transformation and is exerting an extremely profound impact on the world’s economy, social progress and human life. In order to deepen the integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy as required by the Party's 19th National Congress, better serve the national innovation-driven development strategy, follow the international trend of new round of technology revolution and industrial reform and to develop Shanghai into a globally known center of science and innovation, Shanghai is set to build the world's top platform for AI cooperation and exchange via series of global conferences so as to promote and lead the integration of AI industry and technological innovation amid the global trend of new scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation.

With the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity  Indivisible Community", the World Artificial Intelligence Conference will be a " high-level, international, professional, market-orientend, and intelligent " platform attracting the most influential AI scientists and entrepreneurs around the world as well as government leaders to converse and talk about the technological frontiers, industry trends and provoking issues in AI in forms of speeches and high-level forums. As a top platform for AI cooperation and exchanges, the WAIC aims to become both an academic meeting highly recognized by professionals and an international event in the AI industry with global standards and influence.

The WAIC will not only air the most authoritative views and consensus but also show the most cutting-edge technologies, latest products, applications, and ideas. In order to cope with the common problems in human development and create a better life for mankind, the WAIC will acquire the "World’s Wisdom" on one hand and create the "Chinese solution" on the other. 

World Artificial Intelligence Conference  2020 Summit Online

Time: Jul. 09 – Jul.11, 2020

Venue: ---------------------------

Theme: Intelligent Connectivity  Indivisible Community

Form: high-level forum, special activity, exhibition & experience, intelligence practice

Exhibitors Directory of WAIC2019

Shanghai EXPO Center

AddressNo.1500 Expo Boulevard Shanghai

Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center

AddressNo.850 Bocheng Road Shanghai

The two vanues are 500 meters away and can be reached by foot in 5 minutes.

It is a 45-minute drive (40 kilometers)  from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and a 40-minute drive (30 kilometers) from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

MetroMetro Line 13 stops at Shanghai EXPO Center. Use Expo Boulevard Station exit 4. Metro Line 8 use China Arts Museum Station exit 3. Metro Line 7 use Yaohua Road Station exit 4.


Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station/Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport——Venue

Take Metro Line 10 to Laoximen Station, turn to Line 8 and use exit 3 of China Arts Museum Station.

Take Metro Line 13 to Xintiandi Station, turn to Line 13 and use exit 4 of Expo Boulevard Station.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport——Venue

Take Metro Line 2 to Longyang Road Station, turn to Line 7 to Yaohua Road Station, use exit 4 or turn to Line 8 and use exit 3 of China Arts Museum Station.

Shanghai Railway Station——Venue

Take Metro Line 1 to People's Square Station, turn to Line 8 and use exit 3 of China Arts Museum Station.


Limited parking is available in the garages at Shanghai EXPO Center and Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center. We encourage you to take the public transportation or a taxi. The parking garage at Shanghai EXPO Center and Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center will be announced in the official website of the conference and the Wechat Official Account.





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